Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

I want to always remind you that we are Spirit, Soul and Body, and we can only enjoy holistic health when all three areas are given attention. We need to be nourishing our Spirit, Soul (Mind) and Body to cope with much stress and anxiety that life bring.

Why Sleep Is So Powerful For Mental Health

In this fast-paced western society we are constantly connected and available 247, we have information flowing into us on a daily basis and there’s an increasing expectation for us to respond instantly. Given all of this, there a growing need for us to be operating or functioning in terms of our mental health not just at ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ levels, but ‘optimal’ levels.

Understanding Suicide

If the human body were a house. Etheric energy would be its electrical system. Multiple shorts or breaks in the circuitry can prompt thoughts of suicide. When a fuse blows (actual or emotional), chaos is free through outlets like amps and anger.

The Mindless Bureaucracy

The world is drowning in a sea of bureaucracy, and no one knows how to swim out of it. Everywhere one goes, there are forms to be filled, and paperwork attended to before one can accomplish any task. If you are a nurse, you have to enter patients’ notes on their charts before you go home. If you are a doctor, again you have to write some details on their files. One wonders if you should spend more time with your patients than writing notes to meet some bureaucratic requirements.

Relaxation Techniques for Mental Health

How much do we know about relaxation techniques?
A substantial amount of research has been done on relaxation techniques. However, for many health conditions, the number or size of the studies has been small, and some studies have been of poor quality.

Confessions of a Bedroom Programmer

Sitting in the back of my brother’s car clutching my brand new Atari STE I happily declared I was going to be writing my first game soon. The Atari STE came with a selection of games I was keen to play but the image of STOS the Game Creator, a programming package which came with the STE, was the center of my dreams. The thought of being able to create any game I want, limited only by my imagination. Nothing in the world mattered to me at that very moment as I dreamed of hiding away with my copy of STOS Basic and creating my own games. Years later I have programmed countless pieces of code, a collection of popular games still displayed on various websites and wrote many articles on programming which I proudly display on my website to this day.