Month: September 2019

Understanding Suicide

If the human body were a house. Etheric energy would be its electrical system. Multiple shorts or breaks in the circuitry can prompt thoughts of suicide. When a fuse blows (actual or emotional), chaos is free through outlets like amps and anger.

The Mindless Bureaucracy

The world is drowning in a sea of bureaucracy, and no one knows how to swim out of it. Everywhere one goes, there are forms to be filled, and paperwork attended to before one can accomplish any task. If you are a nurse, you have to enter patients’ notes on their charts before you go home. If you are a doctor, again you have to write some details on their files. One wonders if you should spend more time with your patients than writing notes to meet some bureaucratic requirements.

Relaxation Techniques for Mental Health

How much do we know about relaxation techniques?
A substantial amount of research has been done on relaxation techniques. However, for many health conditions, the number or size of the studies has been small, and some studies have been of poor quality.

Best Digital Marketing Company

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AI for Food delivery apps ?

In the so called information age at least on-demand food delivery app platforms are one of the truly great things of our time. And the only reason why the number of quick-serve and fast casual restaurants are projecting up with a skyrocketing speed. Granted, they have wrapped themselves with the online delivery platforms.

Outsource Web Application Development Service Today!

Laravel software’s were created as an advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework because it lacked certain features such as built-in support for user authorisation and authentication. Laravel is a free, open-source framework of web created for the development of web applications containing MVC architectural pattern which is based on symphony.

Why Should PR Firms Use Time Tracking

Most people confuse PR agencies with advertising agencies. Both have the same goal- promoting an individual, a brand or a company and depicting it as honest, exciting and relevant to the current times. However, the tools that they use are very different.